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Letter of Marque and Reprisal
'Letter of Marque and Reprisal' is a set of rules allowing you to wargame small-scale naval engagements in the 'Age of Sail', or thereabouts.It was written to recreate engagements between the likes of Francois l'Ollonois, Edward "Blackbeard" Teach and their opponents.

'Small-scale' means that usually, a player will captain a single vessel, not a squadron or fleet. It works fine for engagements of up to four vessels a side (thus allowing 8 players to participate), beyond that things tend to drag a bit.
'Small-scale' at the moment also implies that the ships captained are smallish merchants, pirates and navy ships. The rules will be expanded to include line-of-battle ships later on.
The game is not tied to a particular line of models or a scale. You can play with anything from 1/1.200th to 1/300th scale ship models.
The rules sport a fair amount of complexity in order to keep managing a single ship a tactical challenge. Still, the rules essentially aim at gaming, not simulation.

Lastly, 'LoMaR' is a hobby project which its author would like to share.
That is to say: any feedback on the game or new input is welcome, be that criticism of the rules, adding new ship sheets, expanding the rules to different periods or styles of naval warfare (the galleys of Lepanto) or writing scenarios.

Feel free to contribute via eMail or guestbook. All useful submissions will be integrated into this site, with due credit given to their authors.

Recent additions:

- uploaded the 'Links' page

The shape of things to come:

- version 2.0 will contain stream-lined reloading rules to counter 'fire on last and first activations of subsequent turns' problem
- final editing of rules text for enhanced legibility
- expand weather tables
- detailed rules on ships' boats
- expanding character rules by adding new skills and feats/flaws