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Links for Letter of Marque and Reprisal

Below, you'll find a couple of links that might prove useful if ou want to play Letter of Marque and Reprisal. For now, I've focused on manufacturers of ship models.

Peter Pig's range of Pieces of Eight ships
The models LoMaR was originally written for. 1:450 scale, giving practicably sized models for a dinner table game. The most comprehensive range I know of when it comes to small to medium-sized merchants, corsairs and men of war from the XVIIIth century. The rigging detail is a bit coarse, but that's easily remedied with a careful paintjob.

Rod Langton
Rod Langton does both a range of Napoleonic and Aglo-Dutch wars models in 1:1.200 scale. The ranges focus on actual warships, i.e. larger vessels than in the basic version of LoMaR. That shouldn't stop you from getting them, though, as ships-of-the-line and their like will be covered in the first expansion, and the models are nothing short of gorgeous. I've started building some of the ADW ships, and found that rigging a 1:1.200 pinnace is something approaching Zen meditation. ;o)

The Skytrex range of Meridian Trafalgar ships
A range of 1:700 scale ships-of-the-line and frigates. Pricey, but not expensive cosidering the size of model you get for your money.I've got myself a French 80 and a British 74. The ships are quite beautiful, and come with thin, etched-brass sails, which look very nice on the model. Again something for the gamer that prefers Horatio Hornblower to Francois l'Olonnois.

The GHQ range of Napoleonic Micronauts
Another range of 1:1.200 scale warships. I've bought the 'Santissima Trinida' and looked at some other models from the range, and they look good. For no clearly defined reason I prefer the Langton's, but that's just personal aesthetics.

The Valiant range of Ships of the Spanish Armada campaign
Quite a different kettle of fish. I've been itching to get some of those models, as they look very good on the website, but for now, that's a low priority project.

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